DUDI Cup 2022/2023

We are happy to annouce that the DUDI Cup is back!
We have now a short race until 28 Feb 2023 but we will have it yearly from now on!

The DUDI Cup has been founded by the German Federal Balloon Commission and the German Free Balloon Sports Association and is continued by the Ballooning Commission of North-Rhine Westfalia.

The competition lasts from 15 December 2022 to 28 February 2023 and determines a winner from a combination ranking. The take-off for the flights must take place within the EASA member states.

The pilots must compete in two scoring categories (endurance flight and long-distance flight) and score a good combination. The best flight in each category will receive 1,000 points and the flights of the other pilots will receive a percentage deduction. The scoring is done in 2 categories, Open-League and A-League. The A-League is limited to balloons of group A, VFR-day and max. 9500ft AMSL.

Organizer: Freiballonkommission im Aeroclub NRW e. V.

Official Notice Board

Notice from 14. Dec 2022:

The Invitation and Rule Book has been changed.

  • No national scoring
  • Changes to penalties in case of pick-up or release during flight (15.3)
  • Performance Sheet is mandatory to be submitted

Notice from 14. Dec 2022:

The Invitation and Rule Book has been changed.

  • Open-League: Volume up to 4550m³ are allowed.
  • Added United Kingdom to Participants and Scoring Area

Notice from 13. Dec 2022:
All documents for DUDI Cup 2022/2023 have been released.

PilotNrRank overallNameLeagueCountryRank in LeaguePoints
261Wilbert, FrankOpen-League012000
152Benz, KevinA-LeagueDE11149
43Kreins, PascalA-LeagueDE2751
194Vormberge, MaximilianOpen-LeagueDE2381
205Römeling, NilsA-LeagueDE3274
106Dekein, KenianOpen-LeagueBE3218
177Butz, BenjaminA-LeagueDE4186
228Bürkle, SteffenA-LeagueDE5173
119Vormberge, MaximilianA-LeagueDE6104
110Michels, MaxOpen-LeagueDE40
210Eimers, BenjaminOpen-LeagueDE40
310Munz, BenedictOpen-LeagueDE40
510Carail, Paul HenryA-LeagueFR70
610Pfeiffer, DominikA-LeagueDE70
710Kostrhun, OndřejOpen-LeagueCZ40
810Thys, RobinA-LeagueBE70
910Thys, RobinOpen-LeagueBE40
1210Eimers, BenjaminA-LeagueDE70
1310Schroen, DennisOpen-LeagueBE40
1410Schroen, DennisA-LeagueBE70
1610van Steelant, StephanieA-LeagueBE70
1810Seyfert-Joiner, NicholasOpen-LeagueDE40
2110Dekein, KenianA-LeagueBE70
2310Arendt, CarloOpen-LeagueLU40
2410Arendt, CarloA-LeagueLU70
2510Brandenburg, MaxA-LeagueDE70
PilotNrRank in LeagueNameLeagueCountryPoints DurationPoints DistancePoints total
261Wilbert, FrankOpen-League0100010002000
192Vormberge, MaximilianOpen-LeagueDE0381381
103Dekein, KenianOpen-LeagueBE0218218
14Michels, MaxOpen-LeagueDE000
24Eimers, BenjaminOpen-LeagueDE000
34Munz, BenedictOpen-LeagueDE000
74Kostrhun, OndřejOpen-LeagueCZ000
94Thys, RobinOpen-LeagueBE000
134Schroen, DennisOpen-LeagueBE000
184Seyfert-Joiner, NicholasOpen-LeagueDE000
234Arendt, CarloOpen-LeagueLU000
PilotNrRank in LeagueNameLeagueCountryPoints DurationPoints DistancePoints total
151Benz, KevinA-LeagueDE54610001546
42Kreins, PascalA-LeagueDE100001000
203Römeling, NilsA-LeagueDE203164367
174Butz, BenjaminA-LeagueDE2470247
225Bürkle, SteffenA-LeagueDE2300230
116Vormberge, MaximilianA-LeagueDE1390139
57Carail, Paul HenryA-LeagueFR000
67Pfeiffer, DominikA-LeagueDE000
87Thys, RobinA-LeagueBE000
127Eimers, BenjaminA-LeagueDE000
147Schroen, DennisA-LeagueBE000
167van Steelant, StephanieA-LeagueBE000
217Dekein, KenianA-LeagueBE000
247Arendt, CarloA-LeagueLU000
257Brandenburg, MaxA-LeagueDE000


FlightNrDatePilotRegistrationVolumeFlight categoryTake-offLandingDurationDistancePenaltiesTake-off weightPropane totalPropane consumptionRank DurationPoints DurationRank DistancePoints DistanceTrack
117.12.22Butz, BenjaminD-OLBH3000Duration10:0812:432:35 h35,24 km584 kg168 L120 L4186TRACK
217.12.22Vormberge, MaximilianD-OMJI3000Duration13:1314:401:27 h14,51 km709 kg194 L86 L7104TRACK
317.12.22Römeling, NilsD-OURS2600Duration12:4414:522:07 h14,59 km532 kg108 L84 L6152TRACK
428.12.22Römeling, NilsD-OURS2600Distance09:4311:181:34 h33,34 km460 kg126 L70 L5121TRACK
502.01.23Benz, KevinD-OCON3400Distance11:2015:244:04 h202,77 km767 kg284 L238 L2738TRACK
617.01.23Dekein, KenianOO-BZN3400Distance07:4110:453:04 h59,94 km585 kg210 L130 L4218TRACK
725.01.23Vormberge, MaximilianD-OMJI3000Distance09:1313:274:14 h104,54 km770 kg362 L250 L3381TRACK
829.01.23Bürkle, SteffenD-OTOY1415Duration12:0914:332:24 h2,78 km328 kg160 L112 L5173TRACK
909.02.22Kreins, PascalD-OVFW1982Duration06:2216:5110:29 h71,68 km582 kg395 L280 L2751TRACK
1009.02.22Wilbert, FrankD-OFFF3600Duration02:4916:4613:57 h81,16 km925 kg621 L500 L11000TRACK
1110.02.22Benz, KevinD-OCON3400Duration06:5312:375:43 h31,38 km728 kg308 L260 L3410TRACK
1225.02.23Wilbert, FrankD-OFFF3600Distance12:3416:454:10 h274,68 km800 kg500 L350 L11000TRACK